Becoming the Minimalist Entrepreneur: Lessons from My Journey to Work Less, Earn More, and Play More

By Anita R. Henderson

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This is one solopreneur’s journey presented as a model for the flexibility and individuality of twenty-first-century entrepreneurship. Becoming the minimalist entrepreneur is a journey to escape the burdens of what “they” say is the right way to be in business, and to boldly accept the freedom and audacity to define it for yourself and not feel like you’re doing it wrong. 

There are innumerable lessons on the minimalist entrepreneur journey. You have to figure it out with every step you take. Each lesson along the way makes up your journey and makes you better, if you allow it to. Those lessons create your story. And your story matters.

So what does it mean to become the minimalist entrepreneur? It’s not what you think. Read Anita’s story to find out.

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