Can you coach me through writing my romance novel?

Afraid not. My team and I work exclusively with nonfiction authors. That means we work on memoirs, self-help, inspirational, subject-matter exploration, and instructional/how-to books.

Will you write the book for me?

You have the knowledge and experience to write your book. Together, we co-create compelling content that engages your readers and causes them to think, feel, or do something extraordinary when they’re done reading. We dig deep to excavate the main points you want to convey to your readers and we flesh out those points by adding compelling stories, case studies, profiles, and other content. We pull it all together so you can get the book written, published, and marketed without overwhelm. If, however, you require a ghostwriter, we have an exceptional professional writer on our team who can ghostwrite your book.

When should I start marketing my book?

From the moment you decide to write the book, it’s on. We can share some unique strategies to help you get readers hungry for your book before its launch, keep them interested once it’s released, and ensure your book stays relevant for years to come.

How do coaching calls happen?

Our coaching sessions will mostly be conducted by phone or Zoom. On occasion, we’ll meet in person. Follow up to our sessions will include detailed notes of our discussion, as well as tasks and next steps to perform, along with firm deadlines.

Do you know what’s better than a FAQ section? A phone call. The best way to get to the heart of exactly what’s needed for your book project is to: