You know your stuff. You’re the go-to person for your special brand of awesome, but the only ones who know about you are those who know about you. On top of that, you have a phenomenal story to tell. Everyone says you should write a book, but how do you do that?

You’re stuck with where and how to begin. You don’t know who to trust to help you. You’ve heard dozens of publishing horror stories about authors paying too much and getting ripped off, or ending up with a crappy book even their mother wouldn’t buy, or struggling for years to write a marginal book that netted a less than ideal return on investment.

You need to write a book that

  • tells your unique story;
  • enhances your expertise;
  • builds your brand;
  • leads readers and prospects to work more closely with you;
  • turns your business and your brand toward profitability; and
  • boosts your industry reputation and credibility.

Your book won’t write itself. You have to do it, and I can help you.


Having a book that shares your specific consulting process or your distinct coaching approach is an impressive tool to build your practice. Your success is tied to your unique story. Prospective clients need to read about it. Tell your story your way.

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You’ve built a solid reputation as a respected leader in Corporate America. Whether you’re eyeing retirement, a new board position, or a higher post at your current company, writing your book adds an indisputable level of credibility. It’s time to make it happen. 

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Being “author of” opens doors for you as a speaker or an entrepreneur. Whether you want to attract new clients, establish your expertise, or get paid speaking invitations, being an author instantly boosts your credibility and adds another revenue stream to impact your bottom line.

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