Are books the new weapon of mass influence?

Have you noticed it? I have. Just turn on the TV, listen to practically any podcast, or view your favorite online news or interview programs, and you’ll see it. The influencers. The pundits. The insiders. The influencers. They’re smart and insightful. They have the scoop on what’s happening behind the scenes, inside the beltway, in… Read more…

Make the Most of Your Bound Proof Copy

All we saw on the screen was an orange blob. Those might have been eyes. Maybe those were fingers. Okay, perhaps we could see a toe. I wasn’t sure. But I was honored that my niece and her fiancé had invited me to the final ultrasound appointment to take a last peek at the baby,… Read more…

5 Reasons Self-Publishing Sucks

Okay, self-publishing, in and of itself, doesn’t suck. It wouldn’t make sense for me to say that since I’m a longtime proponent of what I prefer to refer to as independent book publishing. In fact, my mission at Write Your Life is to help improve the reputation of independent book publishing with every book we… Read more…

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