Make the Most of Your Bound Proof Copy

All we saw on the screen was an orange blob. Those might have been eyes. Maybe those were fingers. Okay, perhaps we could see a toe. I wasn’t sure. But I was honored that my niece and her fiancé had invited me to the final ultrasound appointment to take a last peek at the baby,… Read more…

Let Your Passion Push You Forward

If you don’t love the idea of writing a book, or don’t have a true passion for what you’re writing about, don’t do it! That might sound strange coming from an author coach, but hear me out. If you lack a passion for impacting other people with the story of how you did what you’ve… Read more…

It Matters What Gear You’re In

When I’m in the wrong head space, I don’t get much done. It’s a fact. When I’m not focused or committed or ready to begin, continue, or complete a project, it’s just not going to get done. The same is probably true for you. It’s like a car being in the wrong gear. The car… Read more…

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