Being “author of” opens doors for you as a speaker or an entrepreneur, and boosts your confidence like nothing else you’ve tried. Whether you want to attract new clients, establish your expertise, or get paid speaking invitations, being an author instantly increases your credibility. You are now the expert who literally wrote the book on whatever you are known for. Being an author also adds another revenue stream to impact your bottom line.

Make no mistake, it’s bigger than the book. You have to think bigger.

Beyond book sales, your well-written, professionally produced book is a client-getting, money-making tool. It should include your special secret sauce that lets prospects know that you’re the one they want to hire. Whether you are teaching a system, guiding readers to learn how to do something, providing an inspirational, self-help tale, or sharing your authentic life story in a memoir, your book is the key to the next level of your business growth.

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[accordion title=”Top 4 Reasons You Haven’t Finished Writing Your Book“]

You’ve had the idea to write a book for months, maybe even years, but you haven’t done it. Why? You’ve had a few false starts. Maybe you have a topic, maybe an outline. But that’s it. Now what?

Why haven’t you finished your book yet? What’s holding you back?

You can think of a dozen reasons, but really there are only four that matter. They’re the ones that have kept you stuck, frozen, and awake at night with lots of ideas but no direction for how to turn it all into the book you’ve been wanting to write.

Start here with this free resourceTop 4 Reasons You Haven’t Finished Writing Your Book . . . And what to do so you can finally become “author of”[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Book Publishing Prowess“]

Before you write your book, take a step back and learn some things. After all, you don’t know what you don’t know. Get smart about book publishing so you can save time and avoid getting ripped off by online book scammers. Get Book Publishing Prowess: 38 Simple Must-Dos to Take Your Book Idea from Concept to Completion.

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[accordion title=”Easy Outlines“]

Your book outline is your road map. An effective outline is an essential tool to create your book. Without it, you won’t know how or where to begin, when to break sections or chapters, when you’ve made your point, what happens next, or how to end your book.

My system for outlining your book helps keep things simple. By using it, you are guaranteed to get to the point of your book, to cover all of your key messages, to know when to change sections, to know when to add “meat” to each chapter, and to help readers get the moral or lesson from your book and take action to work with you.

Get this great resource, Easy Outlines: Our 1-3-3-1 System to Outline Your Nonfiction Book Quickly Easily.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Private VIP Intensive“]

A full-day, one-on-one VIP experience with The Author’s Midwife where you will
lay the foundation for your amazing book, and leave with everything you need to become “author of”.

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