As your author coach, my objective is to help you produce the highest quality book and to reach your overall business goals using your book as a marketing tool. During our coaching sessions, I educate you on the intricacies of strategic content development, professional book publishing, and effectively leveraging your book to achieve your goals.

I look forward to helping you write your business nonfiction book. Whether yours is a memoir, how-to, self-help, or instructional focus, you can use your book as leverage to boost your credibility and professional reputation, gain clients, attract speaking opportunities, get interviews and awards recognition, and more.

Whatever your business, whatever your platform, whatever your brand, I can help you shape your knowledge and experience into a phenomenal book that drives your ideal readers and clients to want to work more closely with you.

If you’re ready to write your book, I’m ready to help you.

Review my coaching packages below

[accordion title=”Pulitzer“]“Pulitzer” is best if you are a professional, entrepreneur, coach/consultant, or speaker wishing to use your book as leverage in your business or career. You have an idea for your book (or maybe you don’t) and need help clarifying your concepts, organizing your thoughts, creating an outline, writing engaging content that drives readers to work more closely with you, defining your project goals/objectives, identifying your target audience/ideal reader, and establishing bodacious goals, plus a team of publishing experts to produce a high-quality book.

With this comprehensive package, you get:

  • Author Coaching and Book Project Management
  • Book Cover Design
  • Interior Layout/Formatting
  • Copy Editing
  • Registration
  • E-Book conversion


[accordion title=”Best Seller“]“Best Seller” is best if you have the start of a manuscript (or at least a few notes) and need feedback on areas of improvement, need accountability and help to complete your manuscript, or assistance reorganizing your existing manuscript and preparing it for publication with your own publishing team.

With this package, you get Author Coaching and Strategic Direction to develop your manuscript: 

  • Co-create book theme, outline, and content
  • Develop project timeline
  • Manuscript review and recommendations 
  • Discuss marketing, promotion, distribution, and content extension strategies
  • Define target audience, benefits of book, author goals, projections


[accordion title=”Indie“]“Indie” is best if you have a complete manuscript and you need a quick review and recommendations for improvement or enhancement prior to publishing.

With this package, you get a Structural Review of your completed manuscript 

  • Assess content structure, concept clarity, story composition 
  • Provide recommendations for improvement or enhancement
  • One laser coaching session


[accordion title=”Private VIP Intensive“]This exclusive, one-on-one, full-day coaching experience is specifically for people who are ready to get started laying a solid foundation for an amazing book. You get personalized coaching with The Author’s Midwife in a private setting where you’ll focus on the exact areas you need help with. This is a no-fluff, no PowerPoint, hands-on, roll-up-your-sleeves coaching experience designed to focus on your specific needs related to your book project. You leave with clarity about your book’s topic and theme, a solid outline, insight into your ideal reader and the content needed to impact them, how the writing and publishing process unfolds, a book production timeline, trusted resources for book production and publishing, marketing strategies, and answers to all of your book publishing questions. Learn more.


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Compare Our Packages


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Have questions about working with me?

FAQWill I write my own book or will you write it for me?
You have the knowledge and experience to write your book. Together, we will co-create compelling content that will engage your readers and cause them to think, feel, or do something extraordinary when they’re done reading. In my work with you, we’ll dig deep to excavate the main points you want to convey to your readers. We will flesh out those points by adding compelling stories, case studies, profiles, and other content. If, however, you require a ghostwriter, we have an exceptional professional writer on our team who can ghostwrite your book. How will the coaching sessions be conducted?
Our coaching sessions will mostly be conducted by phone or Skype. On occasion, we will meet in person. Follow up to our sessions will include detailed notes of our discussion, as well as tasks and next steps to perform along with firm deadlines. How long should I expect my book project to take?
At the start of our work together, I’ll provide you with a production timeline so you’ll know what happens first, next, and last. As a general rule, our book production process takes between nine and twelve months, from concept to book in hand. For more about the Write Your Life Book Production Process, click here. Can you guarantee my book will achieve my stated goals?
I will help you create the most engaging, compelling content for your book. And our team will create professional copy editing, cover design, and interior layout, registration, marketing strategies, and other publishing services. Through our proprietary process, we will enlist beta readers to review your book and provide quality feedback to enhance and improve the content and ensure your book meets your stated goals. How long should my book be?
There is no perfect length (number of pages or words) a book should be. Different genres have certain standards. However, today’s readers tend to prefer shorter nonfiction books (150 to 250 pages) that succinctly cover a topic, provide useful insight and tips, and include engaging stories and results. When should I start marketing my book?
From the moment you make the commitment to publish your book, you should be marketing it. In our work together, I’ll share some unique strategies to help you get readers hungry for your book before its launch, to keep them interested once it’s released, and to keep your book relevant for years to come. Should I publish my book as a physical book or an ebook?
The format of your book depends on the preferences and reading habits of your target audience. Make your book available to readers in as many formats as make sense for their interests. You don’t have to choose one or another.