My clients sing my praises. As a coach, I have helped dozens of aspiring authors to achieve their publishing dream. As a speaker, I’ve impacted thousands with my knowledge and insight. Here’s what my clients and audiences say about me.

~ Anita, The Author’s Midwife




When I hired Anita at Write Your Life as my author coach, I had been writing a draft, on and off, for over a year. I thought I had a good first draft. Anita’s initial questions made me know right away that it was not the professional work that I wanted to produce.

Her keen observations helped me formulate a book that I was excited to write. Her process was educational, easy to follow, and thorough. With her coaching, structure, and timeline, I completed a really solid draft manuscript within 3 months.

Anyone who is ready to finally write a book and get it published should work with Anita because she knows how to flush out ideas, what it takes to produce a quality book, keeps you on task, and is so fun to work with. Her support and publishing guidance were invaluable.

I am so proud to have completed this part of my book project. Hiring Anita is one of the best decisions I’ve made. Without her, I could not add author to my list of accomplishments. I certainly would not have published the high-quality book I have coming out this year.  

I can’t wait to write my next book. I won’t waste time trying to do it alone.  I’ll run to Anita as soon as I have a concept for the book. 

~ Terrie Hudson, retired corporate executive, speaker, author of Leave a Legacy That Counts 

About six years ago, I decided to write a book.  I spent the first five of those years committing myself to starting “soon” or even “tomorrow”. Then, I was referred to Anita Henderson at Write Your Life. After a brief telephone interview, I knew that she was the right person to help me turn my idea into a reality.

Anita’s step-by-step process made what had previously seemed like a daunting project manageable and even fun. Working with Anita relieved the stress and anxiety associated with my never having written a book and not knowing anything about the publishing process. Without Anita’s help, I would probably still be planning to start my book “tomorrow”.

When you are finally ready to write and publish your book, you would do well to solicit Anita’s help in doing so.

~ William J. Piercy, attorney, author of Life’s Too Short for a Bad Business Partner

Anita provided clarity where there was none, order where there was confusion, and valuable insights into how to transform my manuscript into a book I feel proud to publish. She is an essential resource for a first-time author.

~ Shelley Hammell, business consultant, author of You Think You’re Coaching But You’re Not: How Great Leaders Build High-Performing Teams

“Thank you Anita!!! You really did an EXCELLENT JOB and I appreciate your skills, expertise, and passion for my work VERY MUCH! You are awesome!!!”
~ Leo Battenhausen, psychotherapist, author of Socialcide: How America is Loving Itself to Death

I always knew I had a book inside of me, but the mere thought of writing created tremors, headaches, and even resistance. [Anita’s] guidance in helping me face all these challenges to complete my book has been a tremendous help. Thanks again for all your assistance.

~ Judy Rose, family history researcher, author of A Legacy of Heirs

“For ten years, I worked on writing a book. I didn’t get very far! After hearing Anita speak at a luncheon about how she works with her clients, I signed up to work with her. Six months later I was holding the first copy of my book in my hands. Anita streamlined my concept, focused my material, and motivated me to attack the keyboard until a book came out. Without Anita, I’m sure I’d still be talking about that book I’d write someday.”
~ Sandy Weaver Carman, speaker, voiceover specialist, podcast host, author of The Original MBA: Succeed in Business Using Mom’s Best Advice
Anita with authors of Our Ancestors, Our Stories“It is because of Anita Henderson’s skills, and the dedication of the Write Your Life publication team, that through every step of the book process [our book] is a reality. It became obvious that a large aspect of her service was coaching, and this service would enable the writer to transform a research and genealogy report into a story that others would want to read.”
~ Bernice Alexander Bennett, genealogist, podcast host, speaker, co-author, Our Ancestors, Our Stories


test-RenaKilgannon“I call Anita my book sherpa. She guided me, helped me avoid the normal pitfalls authors run into, kept me on track, and helped me achieve my life long goal to become an author. She is an inspiration, a friend, a mentor, and a great advocate for all things related to being an author.”
~ Rena Kilgannon, retired CEO, entrepreneur, author of What’s the Worst That Could Happen?
“I chose to work with Anita Henderson on my first self-help guide because I trust her expertise and invaluable advice. She is a champion who motivated me to believe in my craft as much as she did. Anita was very dedicated, quick, and professional. I highly recommend her and look forward to working with her on future projects.”
~ Jobi Tyson, entrepreneur, marketing strategist, actress, nonprofit executive, co-author of Unstoppable
test-HeatherRogers“Anita helped me through every single step of this intimidating process to ensure that I did not give up or put out a book no one would want to read. Her team, which includes editors, graphic designers and printers, are all amazing professionals who take the mystery out of ISBN numbers, grammar, and e-book uploads. She even helped me with the overwhelming task of trying to market my book. I would recommend Anita at Write Your Life to anyone who has ever thought about writing a book (even if you are not a writer).”
~ Heather Rogers, professional organizer, entrepreneur, speaker, author of A Simplified Life: How to Achieve Order and Calm So You Can Reclaim Time, Energy, and Control
“I would like to tell you how much I enjoyed our conversation. Thank you for your time and excellent suggestions regarding my book, In Search of Sanctuary. Your knowledge and enthusiasm are just what I need right now. God’s timing is perfect.”
~ Jamie Kirby, author, In Search of Sanctuary
testimonials-MikePitcher“Anita, thank you for sticking with me on this project. Your patience, sense of humor, guidance, and compassion enabled me to complete it. You are a true professional.”
Mike Pitcher, retired corporate CEO, speaker, author of Seven eLements of Leadership for a New Breed of Leader
“Thank you again for the coaching session. What an amazing wealth of information! I had several ‘aha moments’ while attending ‘How to Tie Your Book to Your Success.’ Your generosity and willingness to share your professional knowledge is greatly appreciated.”
~ Cynthia A. Woods, MBA, entrepreneur

Anita obviously knows the business of being an author and a speaker inside out. Her guidance and insight helped me navigate my blind spots and pushed me to improve my process dramatically. Her thoughtful approach also raised the bar on my branding and messaging. I cannot say enough about how pivotal her influence has been as I launched my new career – even after 25 years as a business owner in other markets.

~ Stacey Ruth, entrepreneur, marketing strategist, speaker, author of Truth & Dare: Inside Out Marketing



“Your presentation today was excellent and you are one of the best speakers I’ve ever seen. You were warm, at ease, conversational, had great content, and you clearly knew your stuff! I’m very impressed! I look forward to getting to know you better!”
~ Linda Zuk, Registered Corporate Coach and Facilitator, FocusFive Consulting Anita speaking at a luncheon“Today was simply AWESOME. That was the best ProWIN luncheon I have ever been to. You had everyone engaged and you are so totally passionate about what you do.  Your authenticity shines through ;))) Thank you so much for being part of our organization and for doing what you do. It really made me think deeper about my story.”
~ Mary T. Williams, CFP®, MBA, Vice President, Investments, Raymond James & Associates, Inc. “Thank you for the insightful class this Saturday. I am so glad that I didn’t turn around and go home when I was running so late. Your homework suggestions have given me amazing insights into ME. There was something about the energy or vibrations in that class that has filled me with passion and joy. It was such a pleasure to have met you.”
~ Seema Patel “I registered for Anita’s ‘ Write Your Life’ workshop and thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. She was both personable and professional. She showed sincerity and commitment to assisting others to write their stories. I was able to get my work project started (on typewritten pages) from attending the class. Most of my writing to that point was in my head. I was able to complete an outline through her feedback and get started on my first chapter.”
~ Patricia T. Lavalais “Your session was dynamite!!! I truly am energized to proceed in a timely manner.”
~ Darlene Treadwell
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