When it comes to writing, publishing, and launching your book, it may be tempting to just dive in. But guess where that leaves you: Feeling scattered, uncertain of your message, unclear about your goals, and overwhelmed by your to-do list.

Before you write your book, you need to slow down and take a step back. Learn some things. After all, you don’t know what you don’t know. Get smart so you can create a book that your audience will love, buy, and brag about. 

Planning is the key.

And I’ve put some easy planning resources into one simple resource just for you!

[Anita] provided clarity where there was none, order where there was confusion, and valuable insights into how to transform my manuscript into a book I feel proud to publish. She is an essential resource for a first-time author.

~ Shelley Hammell, author of Win Win Leadership: How Great Leaders Build High-Performing Teams[line]


When you have a plan to write and launch your book, the process is easier and much more enjoyable.
But you don’t have a plan.

Well, you do now!

Get Publishing Prowess, my FREE report, and learn some essentials to get started with your book. 

  • Understand your target market, so you know who you’re writing for.
  • Plan your writing schedule to make writing the book easier.
  • Write faster and smarter, so you can start using your book to reach your goals.
  • Outsource elements of your book, so you don’t struggle to do it all yourself.
  • Market smarter to reach more readers, make a greater impact, and expand your visibility.
  • Embrace launch day and make being an author fun.
  • Get help from professionals, so you produce a book you’ll be proud of.



I always knew I had a book inside of me, but the mere thought of writing created tremors, headaches, and even resistance. [Anita’s] guidance in helping me face all these challenges to complete my book has been a tremendous help. Thanks again for all you assistance.

~ Judy Rose, author of A Legacy of Heirs[line]


This free resource helps you lay a solid foundation for your book project. And once you finish with the simple checklist, you’ll be smarter about publishing a book and being a successful author.

You have nothing to lose. What are you waiting for?


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