Thank you, and Welcome!


You’re in as a Reseller for the Author Accelerator Program.

It’s time to prepare to earn some passive revenue. Leading up to the launch of the program, you will receive emails from me with critical information to help make this program the most profitable for you, so be sure to open them all.

My team and I are completing the program to make it super juicy for you and your clients, and we’re testing the tech to make sure the automation is simple and ready for you when it’s time to press Go!

While we do the work on our end, I want you to get yourself ready to roll this out. 


Your next big move

Make a list of everyone you know who would be a good fit for the Author Accelerator Program. This will prepare you to roll out the program to your community. Here are some you might include on your list:

  • Current clients
  • Previous/former clients
  • Group coaching participants
  • Those in your membership groups (current and former)
  • Leads you’ve met during networking
  • Key contacts on LinkedIn or other social networks
  • Referrals from your network of trusted partners
  • Active subscribers on your list

Just make a list and see how many names you come up with. Then, watch your email for more about how to prepare these key contacts for the Author Accelerator Program.

Stay tuned!

Anita Henderson





Anita Henderson
The Author’s Midwife



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