Do You Feel Like It?

April 14, 2017
April 14, 2017 Anita Henderson

Is ‘Feeling Like It’ a Prerequisite to Getting It Done?

Did you know that fat doesn’t just melt away from your body? Dumb question, right? But wouldn’t it be great if it did?

How cool would it be if fat just fell off your body without you having to exercise. And what a neat thing if money blossomed into your accounts like azaleas in the springtime without you ever having to earn, save, or invest a dime. Oh, and what if clients camped out on the doorstep of your office (yes, even your home office) waiting to gobble up your products, services, programs, and books without you having to market or promote to them. How cool would that be?

Okay, back to reality. Life doesn’t work that way. (But you already know that.)

For most of the activities listed above to happen, you actually have to do something. But what happens when you don’t feel like it? What gets done when you don’t feel like exercising your body, budgeting your earnings, marketing your services, or even writing your book? What happens?

You guessed it: Nothing!

Believe it or not, I’ve owned my company, The Write Image, for twenty years. Yep, 2017 is our 20th anniversary. And believe you me, throughout those two decades there have been many times when I just didn’t feel like doing stuff. I didn’t feel like working or working out or networking. I didn’t feel like making the call, writing the copy, or sending the email. I didn’t feel like making the speech, or doing the video, or updating the website. In fact, I really didn’t feel like writing this blog post, but I wrote it anyway.

If feeling like it were a prerequisite to getting stuff done I’d be in a heap of trouble (and probably in the poor house).

As an author, coach, or entrepreneur, you have to do stuff even when you don’t feel like it. Do it because it needs to be done. Do it because you said you would. Do it because you need to earn the money or up your game or roll with the big dogs or be the expert you want to be.

So what if you don’t feel like doing it today. Do it anyway.

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I’ve come to approach my scheduling and to-do list in this way. I put stuff on that list because it needs to be done in order for me to reach my goals. I might add tasks to my list days or even weeks in advance. And when that thing pops up, I need to do it whether I feel like it or not. Because if I don’t do it, I don’t reach my goal. And if I don’t reach my goal, I’m mad; mad at myself for being a slacker and for wanting something that I’m not willing to work for.

Okay, I’m all about the Universe rearranging itself and conspiring to manifest what I want. But that doesn’t let me off the hook for doing my part. It’s my responsibility. And it’s yours too.

So go ahead and write the book, make the call, attend the event, give the speech, or send the email . . . whether you feel like it or not. Just do it and watch what happens. Trust me, you’ll get closer to accomplishing and experiencing what you say you want.

You can thank me later. 🙂


Anita HendersonAnita R. Henderson is president of The Write Image, LLC and creator of Write Your Life. Her work with professionals and entrepreneurs has resulted in multiple award-winning books and has helped authors grow their media and online visibility, speaker platforms, industry credibility, and overall confidence in their ability to write a compelling, high-quality book and leverage it in their business or career.

Anita Henderson

Writer, storyteller, The Author's Midwife. Founder of Write Your Life and The Genealogist's Writing Room.

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